“I have used Amy Brewitt’s research services since 2009. When I realized I had exhausted all family research avenues on my own, and had to learn more about my family, I decided that a professional genealogist would uncover far more than I could. One of the best decisions I ever made! From the first report she gave me, Amy has uncovered things I would never have on my own. I am extremely impressed with what she found and the detail of information given in all reports, and Amy has always provided me with suggestions of what to do next at the end of her reports. Amy is timely, and her ongoing communication with me is impeccable. She has always made me feel that I am her only client, fully dedicated to my requests and shares my enthusiasm every step of the way. I will continue to use Amy Brewitt’s services and refer to her as ‘my genealogist’.”

-Vickie E., Rochester, MN

“I have used Amy’s expertise from November of 2011 until November of 2012 with exciting and breakthrough results. In the thirteen years I have been searching for my ancestors I had hit one frustrating brick wall after another. Previously I did benefit from two other professional genealogists between 2001 and 2005, and they were helpful to a point, but I must point out just how insightful Amy is in this family research. She helped me initially to eliminate all the erroneous avenues I was pursuing online, and there were many, whew! Once this mass of confusion was cleared away, we then focused with laser precision on what made perfect sense.

I have since taken a break from genealogy but as soon as I have some free time I will without a doubt contact Amy Brewitt Genealogy Research Services. She is a true professional.”

Slan Go Foill,

-Bill Cooper, Turtle Bay, Hawaii

“I used Amy Brewitt Genealogy Research Services as I needed some additional research done that I was not able to do myself or online. I was very pleased with all the information Amy was able to gather. It was very thorough and professional. The research was informative and done in a timely fashion. Would highly recommend her services!”

-Gina C., Ontario

“…I am so very pleased with what you have found. This was such a big road block for me and to have it solved to some extent is very gratifying. We took it back another generation. I call that success!

I appreciate all your summaries. They were very well written and helpful in understanding what you have found. Going through this process with you has helped me learn just what to do and how to go about the next problem I might have.”

-Sheryl T., Michigan

“Thanks again for all your help! With your help I have been able to locate many more documents and I have uncovered a lot more history about my family. Your time has been truly appreciated.”


“I am immensely relieved to have found [my relatives], and extremely grateful for all your hard work on my behalf. Upon reflection, this just would not have been possible, not in any number of years, without your foresight, expertise, and willingness to take action. Thanks Amy, again, for all your work on this.”

-Stuart M., Australia

“I am still enjoying going through the information you sent me in 2008 – and I marvel at the amount of work you did on those projects, and the great results you achieved.”

-S. Smith – McConachie, McNae, Purves and Smith family research

“Just a short note to express my appreciation of your fine Genealogical Research Services. Your work on my behalf has opened up a new world (previously lost) for me. It has been infinitely exciting, too.”

-Edward B., Toronto, Ontario

“I received your report yesterday and want to commend and thank you for your hard work…This situation is obviously a bit difficult and you have done a good job.  It is quite likely I will retain your services for some more research if you are willing.”

-Mike D., Colorado, USA

“Having Amy Brewitt do my family tree research was interesting, very informative. It’s fascinating to find out where in Europe it all started and how it continued in North America. Have Amy do your research…you will be very pleased and maybe even surprised. Happy family hunting!”

-Pam A., Toronto, Ontario

“I was amazed at what you were able to find out about my family in such a short period of time! To know that my ancestors have been in Canada for two hundred years is simply astonishing!”

- David W., Oxford County, Ontario

“I can’t thank you enough for the amazing work you did researching my family tree.  The binder for all the materials is beautifully presented and organized. It is now one of my most prized possessions! I have recommended you to several friends already and will continue to do so, and I will contact you soon for another project.”

- Kim L., Etobicoke, Ontario

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Family Tree. It was something I had wanted to do for a long time but did not know how to start and did not have the time. Getting you to do it was great, and I would recommend you to anyone looking for this service. I met a distant cousin by phone and another by internet and we were able to share information. It was exciting to learn the information as you found it and you solved a mystery on the spelling of a family name. I have been able to share the charts you made with others in the family that are interested. I appreciate all the work you have done and would not hesitate to call you again if I go further.

Thank you very much, Your satisfied client, “

-Deedee A., Toronto, Ontario

“Good Morning Amy,

I wanted to thank you for the marvelous job you did tracing my family back to the 15- hundreds. I was amazed at the detail and the work you put into this and I wanted you know when I received this for a birthday present, it warmed my heart. You brought me back to my roots and I sat up in bed every night reading and searching for my past. I felt as if I was with my family again. Thank you so much and every time I look at the folder I will think of you. I still cannot believe the work you put into this, but I am so grateful you did.”

-Deborah A., British Columbia