What I Do

When I undertake a project for you, I first consult with you to find out what you already know about your family history, and what you would like to find out.

Next, I search records to support the information that you already have, and start to build upon the research from there.

Throughout the process, I like to be in contact with you, my client, to ensure that I am focusing on finding out exactly what you want to know.

At the conclusion of my research, I provide you with a summary outlining my findings. The Summary of Findings can be sent by e-mail as a .pdf document, or printed out and sent to you by mail.

If requested, I can also provide family tree charts and reports in many formats, including a few or many-generational traditional tree charts, family group sheets, ancestor/descendant reports, and many others. If you are interested in having a tree chart made, we will work together to customize it to your specific requirements.

Who can benefit from Amy Brewitt Genealogy Research Services?

  • Anyone with an interest in researching their family tree, with specific interest in Canada, the United States, England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland
  • Anyone who wants to learn about their family’s history, but doesn’t have the time or resources to do it on their own
  • First-time genealogists who want help starting their research
  • Those who have some knowledge of their ancestors, but would like to find more records to enhance their information
  • Long-time genealogists who want a new pair of eyes to look at their own personal research and help them try and find new information
  • Professional genealogists whose research for their own clients has led them to the Ontario or Toronto areas, and who require “boots on the ground” to help them proceed with their research

Why use Amy Brewitt Genealogy Research Services?

  • If you just don’t have the time to commit to searching through millions of records, let me do it for you!
  • Professional, courteous service, and prompt responses to any questions or concerns
  • I compile the information from the records discovered and provide you with a written Summary of Findings
  • Free initial consultation!